24 Hours in Paris (Part 1)

Paris is a city I have dreamed about for as long as I could remember. It was always the number one place I wanted to see when I went to Europe. When I was in Germany visiting a friend, I told her that I was really hoping to be able to see the city. She kept telling me that it was too far away (over a 9 hour drive). I was disappointed but was still excited to be abroad and seeing different countries. Little did I know, she had something up her sleeve the whole time… IMG_1876 She surprised my American friend and me by telling us that she had secretly planned a weekend in Paris for us and her older sister. I was so excited that I barely even considered the fact that we were only going to have about 36 hours in this beautiful city. After factoring in time on the subway and sleeping, that left us about 24 hours to actually go and explore. Thankfully, we were able to fit in everything we wanted to see! We took a bus tour there. Unfortunately for me and my friend, the tour was in German, so we had no idea what our tour guide was saying. Our German friends tried to translate as much as possible while still listening to the tour themselves. We drove around and got to see most of the major sites. Once we got to the lookout point over the Eiffel tower, we were allowed a few minutes to get out and take pictures. IMG_2067 After the bus tour was over, it was almost lunch time. We checked into our hotel, took quick showers, and headed out to explore more of the city. Our first stop was the Eiffel Tower once again. This time we were going to go all the way up to the top. The line to ride the elevator to the top was ridiculous (almost a 2 hour wait time). Because we were pressed for time, we decided to take the stairs to the second level and then take the elevator to the very top. If you decide to do this, make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes. I was wearing Converse, which is not the most practical for over 700 stairs. We still had to wait in line to take the elevator to the top, but the wait time was only 25 minutes. The view from the top is incredible!IMG_1912 After we took over 700 steps back down, we left the Eiffel Tower and headed towards the Champs-Élysées. We took a break to eat dinner and do some window shopping. We walked down the avenue toward the Arc de Triomphe. Once we got to the end of the avenue we took some pictures and watched the crazy traffic going around the Arc. IMG_1954 The clouds were darkening and we still had two other places we wanted to see that day, so we decided to not go out to the Arc and instead took pictures from the Champs-Élysées. We hopped on the subway and headed toward the Louvre, hoping to get there before the rain started. Unfortunately, right as we got there the rain began. Thankfully it was just a twenty-minute shower, so it didn’t cut into our time too much. IMG_1981 We didn’t have time to go inside the Louvre, so we just took pictures outside and peered in through the glass to get a glimpse of some of the art. IMG_1985 Stay tuned for part 2 of my Parisian adventure!

Safe travels! 🙂



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