The Only Place in Europe Where Borders Don’t Exist…

Yes that’s right, there is a place you can go in Europe where you will be outside the borders of any country. Where you may ask? Lake Konstanz! The lake shares land borders with Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, but if you take a boat out on the lake, you will not be within the borders of any of the three countries.


We actually made a pit stop here on our way to Neuschwanstein. I have to be honest, I was so excited about seeing the castle that I wasn’t expecting to get much out of this pit stop. However, once I saw the lake, I was blown away but how beautiful it was.


We took a ferry across the lake, which was when we got to experience the only place on the continent with no borders. The ferry ride was quite windy, but was only about 15 or 20 minutes long. We could have avoided the wind by not sitting on the top observation deck, but then I wouldn’t have been able to take photos like this:



Once we had crossed the lake, we found ourselves in the town of Konstanz, which is in Germany. We got to walk through the main square in the old town. When I was younger, I pictured all of Germany looking like this in my head.


We then headed back toward the lake to see what it looked like from the shore.


When I was younger, I definitely didn’t picture Germany having palm trees!


We watched a newlywed couple take their wedding photos by the lake. I can’t imagine a more gorgeous backdrop! After this, we had to climb back in the car to head to Neuschwanstein.

However, the next week, we were able to return to the city to pick up some things. The second time around, we got to explore around the harbor of Konstanz.


We also got to see the statue of Imperia, which supposedly tells the story of Konstanz. Imperia is a prostitute, who is holding the Pope in one hand and the Emperor in another hand. This is supposed to represent that sex controls everyone, even the powerful. The statue is on a rotating pedestal and is almost 30 feet tall!


The inventor of the blimp lived around the lake, so you’ll definitely see lots of blimps floating through the air. They even have a entire museum devoted to blimps! I believe the blimp in the picture below is advertising this museum.


I cannot believe how stunning this lake is, especially considering I didn’t particularly want to visit it in the first place! (If you look closely in the photo below you’ll see that there are flags for Germany, Switzerland, and Austria above the boats.)


Every place I was skeptical about while in Germany, ended up blowing me away. I would love to return someday and continue exploring this beautiful country. We never made it out of the southern part of Germany, so there is still so much to see! Hopefully I will get to see all that Germany has to offer (and Austria and Switzerland too!)


Safe travels! 🙂



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