A Sunny Day in Oxford

This summer has been absolutely unforgettable.  Emily and I went to London, Paris, Rome, Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini.  We’ll have plenty to write about for awhile!  Tonight, one particular place we visited is on my mind.  It’s a town bursting at the seams with history, intellect, charm, and beauty, which is none other than Oxford, England.


Emily and I booked our trip to London, Paris, and Rome last summer in late July.  So if you’ll notice, we waited (and made payments) for nearly an entire year before it all FINALLY came to fruition!  Our trip was through EF College Break and it included flights, accommodations, and transportation to and from the airport and throughout the trip.  If you’re between the ages of 18 and 28, I recommend using this company!  It made so many opportunities available to us for a fairly affordable price.  (I’m not being paid to say this either; it’s really just how I feel.)

EF offers optional excursions to add onto some of its trips.  One of the excursions on this trip was a day spent in Oxford and Stonehenge, which Emily and I added on without a second thought.  Of course we wanted to see these places!

When that day came, our group took a two-hour bus ride from London.  Upon arriving into the quaint town, I immediately fell in love.  This is what I pictured in my mind when I imagined the England that exists outside of London.  As soon as I stepped off the bus I thought, “I could live here.”  So if I had to pick a place to live outside of the United States, I’d choose Oxford in a heartbeat.

We went on a walking tour around the University of Oxford.  It was a beautiful, sunny day near the end of term.  We even got to see some graduates heading to their ceremony!


One of the coolest things we saw (in my opinion) was the home of the Oxford English Dictionary.  My nerd heart was in heaven.


Speaking of nerd, we also got to see some of the places that were the inspiration for the Harry Potter movies!  Doesn’t this look like the Great Hall?


Emily and I paid a few pounds to walk to the top of University Church.  It was worth it to climb the narrow staircase and see the gorgeous views of this happy little city.




Oxford exuded such a positive energy.  It wasn’t too crowded, and the biggest traffic concern where we were was bicycles.  We didn’t go inside Blackwell’s, a huge bookshop, which is fine by me.  I would have been likely to miss out on the whole experience of the city once I got lost in the books.  I just like knowing it exists there.  It’s just another facet of Oxford that makes me happy.

Our trip only allowed us a few hours in this town, but it was plenty of time to get a feel for it.  If you find yourself in London, I hope you take a little time to see this other area of England.  Unless you’re just a person who hates beautiful, charming places, I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t love it.

I leave my heart in a lot of places, but I think a pretty big piece is in Oxford.





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