How-To: Find the Umbrella Street in London

One of my favorite things to do late at night while battling insomnia is look up places I want to go. I typically search for these places on Instagram. One night, a few weeks before our flight to London, I came across a picture that showed umbrellas hanging from the tops of a street in London.

I made it my mission to find this street, but found little to no help online. The only information I could find was that it was located near Borough Market, off of Park Street. Having never been to Borough Market, or London, I thought that this little bit of information would suffice and that I would be able to find the street with ease. After spending an hour, and hundreds of steps, Ali and I were no closer to finding the magical street I was dying to see. We had just given up, when I spotted a glimpse of the umbrellas as we were exiting the market. We were both exhausted at that point, but decided to come back later to take pictures once we had some rest.

To get to this street, look for the Borough Market entrance where Park Street and Stony Street meet.

IMG_8082Walk along Park Street, away from this entrance, and stay on the right side of the road. There are only two or three buildings before you get to a restaurant called Del Mercato.

IMG_8310This is where you want to be! This is one of the restaurants that has outdoor seating under the umbrellas. Ali and I had already eaten lunch, but we still wanted the experience of dining outside under the umbrellas. We went inside the bar and each ordered a glass of wine to take outside.


And because I’m totally obsessed with How I Met Your Mother, I had to take a picture with my yellow umbrella.


Even though we got lost and spent probably way too long trying to find this street, in the end I think it was worth it. It was my favorite “unexpected” part of London. I of course loved the major sites like Big Ben and The Eye, but I also love offbeat finds that make me fall even more in love with a city!

Safe travels! 🙂



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