To Rome With Love

Dear Rome,

Ever since we met in June, you have hardly left my mind.  Your exquisite architecture, delicious food, and incomparable history have left me stunned and enamored.


When I first encountered your rich pasta, I could hardly believe my taste buds.  All my life I have been eating noodles, but yours were a treat unlike anything else I had experienced.  Your gelaterias on every corner were the ultimate sinful temptation.  Oh, how I miss the delectable dairy treat that puts American ice cream to shame!  And the pizza…have I really been loving pizza my whole life?  Or have you just introduced me to what true pizza is?

Rome, your people are so kind.  Their relaxed attitude made me feel right at home.  I felt welcome everywhere I went, even though I am only confident in speaking about five Italian words.  A restaurateur even sat Emily and me in the “sexy” seats of his eatery.  Hearing traditional Italian music and Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen” simultaneously while eating the best pasta of my life?  Sexy indeed.
Oh, Rome, your natural beauty is incomparable.  You haven’t felt the need to change your looks since you were built (which took more than a day, I hear).  Knowing that you take such good care of your original architecture was so charming to me.  History and the present combined in such a gorgeous way, I almost didn’t want to leave.


Alas, our short, fleeting romance had to come to an end.  My next suitor, Athens, was waiting for me.  Just know that you still cross my mind all the time.  I’ll never forget you, dearest Rome.

With love,







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