Athens: Limited Time Only

After our EF College Break adventure through London, Paris, and Rome, Emily and I had another trip booked to explore the Greek islands of Mykonos and Santorini through Travel Talk Tours.  In between these two journeys, we had a chance to spend about 24 hours in Athens.  Leave it to us to make the most of a short time in a city with so much to see!


This picture is from our trek to the Acropolis, an uphill climb that seemed endless in the hot June sun.  But so worth it!  Look at that view!  What a gorgeous city.



What a beautiful piece of world history!  And so reasonably priced, if I recall correctly.  After the previous major European cities, Athens was a welcome drop in costs.  A bottle of water that may have cost two euros in Paris was only fifty cents in Athens.

Our next stop in Athens was the Panathenaic Stadium, the site of the first modern Olympic games.


We even had a seat where (we assume) royalty and other important people got to watch events from.


And then we each took our own photos as we captured first place at LIFE.  Who wouldn’t feel like a winner wandering around Athens with her best friend?!


After a night in our hotel, we spent the next day doing some more exploring.  We visited the Plaka neighborhood, which is filled with various stores and restaurants.  I love all things chocolatey and bad for me, so I suggested we stop at a cute little bakery called Cookie Land where we had the richest milkshakes ever.  So good.

Our time in Athens was a hot, historical whirlwind, but it was such an amazing city.  Even if you only have a few hours, you can see some beautiful places (and be silly all the while).


Happy New Year, travelers!

-Ali  🙂


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