I’m Gonna Make This Place Your Home

Of all the places Emily and I have been, I think it’s time we give some credit to the place where we built the foundation of our friendship:  good ol’ Evansville, Indiana.

We often complain that there is nothing to do here, but we do have places in this little city that we love.  Here are some of mine:

1.  University of Southern Indiana


I feel like this is an obvious one.  Emily and I met here in August 2013 as suitemates in Ruston Hall.  I noticed she had some Paris-themed decor, and upon learning she had been to Europe that summer, I knew we would get along just fine.  It was no coincidence that we lived together that year.  These adventures were always meant to happen. 🙂

USI’s campus is gorgeous in any season.  Even when I wanted to be anywhere but class, I still looked around on my walk there and felt so lucky to go to this school.  The faculty and staff, the students, the organizations, the opportunities…I cannot say enough kind words about this place that I consider my second home.

2.  Penny Lane Coffeehouse


One of two locations in Evansville, this one is nestled in the adorable downtown area.  With cleverly named drinks like “Voodoo Child” and “Dirty Hippie,” this coffee, smoothie, and breakfast shop has no shortage of charm.  The window is emblazoned with the words, “Take time for life at Penny Lane,” and that’s just the vibe this spot creates.  Definitely my kind of place.

3.  Tin Man Brewing Company


Emily and I went here with our friend Kali to celebrate Emily’s 21st birthday (pictured above).  This restaurant/brewery has a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere and delicious food. I’m not even a beer drinker, but this place makes me want to become one; that’s how cool it is!

4.  The Ford Center


This multi-purpose arena was, up until just recently, home to the Evansville Icemen.  Of course after I realized how much fun Icemen games are (which is where Emily and I are in the picture above), it was announced that the team is moving out of Evansville.  But the stadium also hosts concerts and other events, thus busting the myth that there’s “nothing to do” in Evansville.  It was built as a replacement to Roberts Stadium, which is where I saw my first ever concert: Aaron Carter.  Unrelated fun fact:  Aaron follows Emily and me both on Twitter so we’re pretty much best friends with him.

5.  Echo Housing Corp. Mural


This beautiful work of art is located at 10 W. Indiana Street.  Not only is it absolutely gorgeous, it has a cute little story that you can read here:


6.  Downtown


Not a specific location, but on a sunny day, a walk downtown can really lift your spirits.  You can visit one of the restaurants or shops or take a stroll down the Ohio Riverfront.  Just a happy little place that makes me appreciate this city that I often take for granted.

As Andy Grammer sang, “It don’t matter where we go, we always find our way back home.” 🙂



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