Save Me, San Francisco

Halfway through a particularly stressful semester, Emily and I welcomed spring break with open arms.  A few months prior, we had booked a trip to two cities we wanted to see:  San Francisco and Seattle.  Other than the Golden Gate Bridge and the Space Needle, we didn’t have a whole lot on the agenda.  That turned out to be the best thing for us.  Let’s talk about San Francisco first…

San Francisco18

On a rainy night, we arrived in the City by the Bay and headed straight to our hostel.  Or should I say…hotbox.  The whole building smelled of weed, but it was the worst on our floor.  The bathroom was filthy, the room was barely big enough to fit us both with our luggage, and night one was so loud.  But it was the cheapest hostel I found (yes, I was the one who booked it…hooray for me…) so you definitely get what you pay for.  Keep that in mind, travelers.  It’s okay to pay a little extra for a slightly cleaner and quieter stay.

That said, the hostel experience didn’t ruin our fun whatsoever.  We made our way to Fisherman’s Wharf the next morning and saw the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time!  It was so close, we made it our next stop.

San Francisco13

There she is!  We walked down the path, snapped a few pictures (like the first one in this post), and decided to walk on the Bridge.

San Francisco23

San Francisco24

Our view from the bridge.  Absolutely breathtaking.  And, as we are always on a budget, we greatly appreciated that it was 100% free.

San Francisco31

This is the how big the bridge’s cables are.  Isn’t that crazy?!

Our next stop for the day was Lombard Street, the famous crooked road.  We had to make quite the trek up the steep city streets, but, as I’ve said with any difficult part of a journey, it was worth it.

San Francisco36

San Francisco34

After all the uphill walking, we figured we had earned our In-N-Out Burger fix.  We went to one near Fisherman’s Wharf, so it was packed with tourists but worth it for the true west coast experience.

San Francisco37

San Francisco38

 We ate outside and were approached by a well-dressed man who offered to sing for us.  Naturally we requested some gangsta rap, and he certainly delivered.  A two-dollar tip well spent.  Emily has a video of the experience, not that we could ever forget it!

After a little more walking and exploring the area, Emily and I decided to rest for awhile.  Later that evening, we went on another adventure in the rain to Blue Bottle Coffee.  Originating in the Bay Area, I knew I had to try it while we were there.  San Francisco doesn’t mess around with their coffee; it was strong!  I had a pretty consistent caffeine buzz on the whole trip.

San Francisco45

Artistic shot of a Blue Bottle iced coffee.  Shameless hipster moment. 🙂

This was all just one day in the beautiful Golden City.  Plenty more to come!

Happy exploring! 🙂



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