Love & Haight

A new day had begun.  Continuing our exploration through the City by the Bay, Emily and I swung by Alamo Park.  Here you can see some of the most famous Victorian era houses known as the “Painted Ladies.”  These homes are featured in exterior shots on Full House.  Look familiar?

San Francisco47

Though it was slightly rainy, I still think it was a gorgeous day.  Definitely nice enough to play on the playground for a little bit.  That area has a replica of the Painted Ladies we so charmingly called the “Painted Babies.”

San Francisco48

The hippie in me wanted to explore the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood.  The colorful buildings and funky designs were reminiscent of the 1960s, as were some of the people we came across.  While we were walking, a man asked Emily and me how we were doing.  We answered that we were doing well but continued on our walk.  The man called after us, “Do you ladies need any mushrooms?”  Accepting that offer might have made this story more interesting, but we politely declined and got a good laugh.  We didn’t even go inside anywhere on Haight Street, but it was definitely not a boring part of the city.

San Francisco49

San Francisco51j

As typical San Francisco tourists, we knew we had to ride one of the famous historic trolleys.  The one we ended up riding filled up quickly, but there was room to stand on the outside.  The trolley didn’t go very fast, yet it was still exciting to be moving through the city with the wind in our hair with only a single bar to hang onto.  I think that experience would have been much less exhilarating had we been sitting.

San Francisco63

San Francisco56

Emily and I did a few other things during our time in San Francisco, but one of my favorites was our hike through Lands End.  After spending most of our time in the bustling city, it was nice to end our trip with some time in the serene confines of nature.  We climbed a couple of huge rocks and got this beautiful view.

Below us was a labyrinth that we both walked through.  Beautiful, right?

San Francisco83

As the song goes, “I left my heart in San Francisco.”  This city has so many layers of personality and character that anyone could find a neighborhood to which they could belong.  I am so grateful for another journey, another city, and another piece of my heart left somewhere else.

Stay curious!



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