Seattle’s Best

With San Francisco in the books, Emily and I were off to discover what Seattle had in store for us.  Here’s a hint:  it involved a lot of rain and coffee, two things we adore.



We had just a few things on our list to see in Seattle such as the Space Needle and the Gum Wall.  We hopped right to exploring after arriving at our hostel (much nicer than the one we stayed at in San Fran).  Shoutout to The College Inn for being clean and adorable.  (As usual, this is not a sponsorship.) After having our olfactory organs abused by the scent of cannabis during our previous stay, this place seemed like the Beverly Hilton.  But even if we hadn’t had such a dirty place before, it still would have been lovely.

Our first stop was the Gum Wall.  Throughout our trip, we mainly used buses and walking as our transportation.  Sore feet aside, it was very budget friendly.

The Gum Wall is hidden in the walls of Post Alley.  If you aren’t looking for it, you might not even know it’s there.  Naturally, Emily and I chewed some bubble gum and left our germs among the others.



Nearby was Pike Place Market which we made our next stop.  Emily and I went there a couple of times during our few days in Seattle, and I can affirm it was charming and lively at different times of the day.  The Market was packed with bustling booths selling fresh produce, crafts, and  various souvenirs.


Every picture of us we took outside the Market turned out mediocre.  Here’s one that captures the neon sign, the rain-soaked brick road, and the perpetually gray sky.  Ugh, I’m in love.

The morning’s travels and the afternoon’s sites had us worn out.  Day one of the Emerald City was most definitely a success.  We showered and settled into our clean, quiet room.  We were definitely not…sleepless in Seattle.  (Come on, like I’d really let that joke go unsaid.)

The next couple of days, we stumbled upon some adorable local haunts while we wandered.  One of my favorites was Street Bean, the coffee shop that helps homeless youth transform their lives.  Coffee and a good cause?  You know I’m in.


Lattes are so beautiful, aren’t they?  Another local business we enjoyed was Holy Cannoli.  We stopped there for lunch on the way to the Space Needle.  It’s an adorable little establishment with sandwiches, coffee and, obviously, cannoli.  The owner was a sweet woman who chatted with us and even had her dog there!  Not an experience for everyone, but I was smitten.  Unfortunately we didn’t get any pictures of this place.

More about the Space Needle, Chihuly Garden and Glass, and some other interesting food experiences later!

Never stop exploring. 🙂



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