Exploring at Home

I’ve been living in the St. Louis area for almost nine months.  I think I’ve been here long enough now to have established some favorite local restaurants, coffee shops, entertainment venues, etc.  Some of these are places I’ve just recently gone while others I went to before I even moved.  Without further ado, here is a list of locations I love in my wonderful city.  I’m not being paid by any of these businesses to promote them; sometimes I just say nice things for free.  (Sadly, none of these photos are mine.  All found on Google Images).

Sauce on the Side

Before I ate here, I thought that a place specializing in calzones was a bit odd.  After trying a “Fatty B,” loaded with meat, cheese, and garlic, I quickly changed my mind.  A restaurant devoted to calzones?  Genius.  Since that first time, I’ve also tried the “Meat Me in St. Louis,” which is just as delicious.  The food is so good, I’m forced to make up a word…


Sauce on the Side is located downtown, in the Grove, and in Clayton.  That’s three chances to fill your belly with this goodness!  And they deliver.  Be still my hungry heart.

The Fountain on Locust

My friend Emma and I just went here last night for the first time.  We were both impressed!  The food was delicious, and we had the best server.  He described the specials in a way that sounded like he was reciting poetry.  The Fountain has soups, sandwiches, cocktails, and their famous ice cream martinis.

My half-panini and dill pickle soup were portioned just right so that I was mostly full but still wanted dessert.  After my Dark and Sinister ice cream sundae, I was ready to unbutton my pants (but I refrained).  In my world, that’s a sign of a good meal.  Speaking of unbuttoning…

The Boom Boom Room

This burlesque lounge is another place Emma and I just went for the first time.  Neither of us had been to a burlesque show, and we were in the neighborhood after eating fairly close by at The Fountain.  The Boom Boom Room had two shows last night, a Friday.  Since we had missed the 7 p.m. show, we quickly booked tickets for the one at 10 p.m.  Not knowing what to expect, we each got a drink and settled in for some entertainment.


There was no nudity, but it was definitely risqué.  Pasties, tassels, the works.  It was interactive, but not to an uncomfortable degree.  The dancers were clearly talented with an incredible stage presence.  And with whipped cream and fire twirling all in the same show, you’re bound to have a good time.  The girls’ different body shapes and sizes made the whole thing unexpectedly empowering.

Blueprint Coffee


I love coffee.  I love minimalism.  I love the Delmar Loop.  Blueprint Coffee is three for three.  They truly care about how their coffee is made and sold.  I don’t know about you, but to me, true passion for the product is so attractive in a business.  They’re not just in it for the money; they really want to give you the best coffee.  The vibe inside is enjoyable as well, mostly because they don’t try too hard to create one.  Decor is minimal while customers are laid back but busy in their own worlds.  Perfection.

The Pageant

I’ve been to The Pageant three times:  once for Nick Swardson, another time for John Mulaney (with Emily!), and a third time for Troye Sivan.  They were all great experiences, two of which had general admission tickets.  General admission at The Pageant just means you sit or stand in designated areas without a seat assigned to you (pretty self-explanatory).  Even without specific seating, there are no bad locations from which to watch a performance.  It’s a big enough place to have some pretty famous acts, but small enough that it still has somewhat of an intimate feel.  I’ll be back there in April to see Simple Plan.


This is not a comprehensive list of St. Louis places I love, but rather some locations that have been on my mind lately.  I’m always exploring and discovering, and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon.  In fact, Emily and I are tossing around the idea of a trip over the summer.  Stay tuned!

With love from the Lou,



One thought on “Exploring at Home

  1. I’ve been to 2 of these places (Blueprint on your recommendation 😍) & now I’m excited to try the others! I’ve been spending a lot of time in Evansville (which I can also call on you to help me with) & I love exploring new places instead of eating at chains all the time. Keep up with the splendid recommendations.

    PS Ben Wyatt would be so disappointed in your doubting the calzone.


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