Ghana: The Rest of the Story

Imagine walking across a swaying bridge suspended over the African jungle with strange wild animals and countless trees below you.  Some may see this as terrifying; I saw it as an adventure!


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Lessons From a Fishing Village

After the magical whirlwind of my first day in Ghana, I slept like a rock.  The hotel was pretty nice, which is something I am asked about quite frequently when people hear I went to Africa.  “Did you have to sleep in a shack?!”  “Isn’t it dangerous there?”  “Did you get ebola?”  No, no, and no.  These are slightly paraphrased versions of questions I was actually asked.  Not all of Africa is what you see in the media.

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Akwaaba! Arriving in Ghana

I couldn’t believe it.  After a sleepless, restless nine-hour flight, I had landed in the beautiful country of Ghana.  My travel dreams were becoming a reality!  “Akwaaba,” read a sign above the airport.  That means “welcome” in Twi, a language spoken by nearly seven million people in Ghana.

Everything was magical in my eyes.  It was Africa!  A new experience!  I couldn’t wait to get started!  However, my true first impression of Ghana made me nervous that this was not going to be a friendly place.  Going through immigration and customs was intimidating, to say the least.

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Ghana Have a Good Time

Other than the previously mentioned Mexican day-trip, Ghana was my first time out of the country.  Yes, I count Mexico as my first time outside the United States because it was definitely a new experience.  But I didn’t even need a passport!  I didn’t have to go through immigration and customs, I didn’t have to have any bags x-rayed…it was simpler and much less of what I am now experiencing in my travels.

So how did I get to go to Africa for $800?  It was indeed that affordable, and it was really just a chance encounter that I even heard about the trip.

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