A New Kind of Adventure

I interrupt your not-so-regularly scheduled blogging to bring you a different type of post. As a recent college graduate who has moved to a new city, I have learned more than I ever imagined was possible in the span of under two months. Now I feel it’s time to share some thoughts on my new adventures with our tens of readers. 🙂

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Coffee Break

In all my travels, whether it’s just a drive to school or a trip across the ocean, I am always looking for a coffee shop.  I have always wanted to like coffee since I discovered that coffee houses are usually adorable, cozy places.  Now that I have begun to enjoy that bitter, acquired taste, I am even more eager to find these happy little corners of the world.


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Ali’s Top 5 Favorite Books

Besides traveling, reading is one my most favorite activities. I’m really into young adult fiction, mostly the “realistic”/girl-meets-boy/teenage stuff. However, since I’m no longer a teenager, I’m trying to branch out and expand my mind. I’ve read more books than I could even begin to count, but here are some that have stuck with me throughout my many years of reading (in no particular order):

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