I Left My Heart in Gruyéres

My favorite places and moments of travel are always the unexpected ones. I love being completely surprised by a city or sight. This is exactly what happened on August 1, 2013 in Gruyéres, Switzerland.

Gruyéres was part of an unexpected pit stop when my friend desperately needed to use the bathroom. We had just finished touring a Swiss chocolate factory and were trying to get back “home” to Bad Säckingen. We spotted restaurants and shops and knew that there would also be bathrooms. However, we didn’t know that we were about to stumble across what is quite possibly the cutest Swiss town in existence.


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The Only Place in Europe Where Borders Don’t Exist…

Yes that’s right, there is a place you can go in Europe where you will be outside the borders of any country. Where you may ask? Lake Konstanz! The lake shares land borders with Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, but if you take a boat out on the lake, you will not be within the borders of any of the three countries.


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Awe-Inspiring Bad Säckingen

Perhaps the title of this post is a bit misleading. If you’ve already been abroad, especially to other places in Europe, then you probably won’t find the tiny town of Bad Säckingen awe-inspiring.  However, it was the first international place I ever saw, and for that reason, it will always be one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen.


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